About us

Five 1 Five was founded in 2020 during one of the most adverse times in American history, by Kevin Means, an aspiring entrepreneur with a devoted passion for timepieces. Upon his High School graduation, Kevin received his first ever watch, and that’s where his love for timepieces began. Once Kevin started his career in finance he realized that watches were not just an elegant way to tell time. Watches are a universal language that can be understood by everyone, and in some cases can become a part of one’s identity.

On May 15, 2020, Kevin’s life changed forever as he welcomed his first born child into the world, a beautiful daughter. Wanting to leave a legacy behind for his newborn child he began to brainstorm ideas of how to bring his dreams and goals to fruition. BOOM! A light bulb went off in his head while studying a course on building an E-Commerce. Kevin was now going to launch his own watch company, offering luxury, yet accessible timepieces to the everyday consumer.

Now, one of the toughest questions arose. What is he going to name the company? After countless hours of ideas that didn’t seem quite right, he took the advice of the backbone of the family, the woman of the household. She advised that the company should be meaningful, heartfelt, and represent the spark to his flame. In September of 2020, Five 1 Five was born, which represents the date his daughter took her first breath.